E-commerce reviews for building customer trust

Collect product reviews from multiple sources to grow your business with the power of user generated content.

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Product overview

Rewora is an easy-to-implement solution for collecting and managing reviews that allows you to build trust, drive organic traffic, increase conversions and acquire more customers.

Automatic Translations

Proper translation matters.

Take advantage of the world's best machine translation available in 31 languages.

Social proof everywhere

92% of people read customer reviews before making a purchase.

Reviews are trusted 12 times more than other marketing materials, demonstrating that social proof is a powerful force.

Customize to your brand

You have full control over how you want your widget to appear and what you want it to include.

Automate review request

Automation makes sure a customer review request doesn’t fall through the cracks.

The post-purchase emails used to automatically collect product reviews are synchronized with orders placed through your store and triggered to be sent at configurable time.

Reward the reviewers

Encourage customers to share their positive reviews with promotional offers and discounts for their next purchases.

Custom request emails

Choose from predefined email temples or design it yourself, set when we should ask customers for their reviews and we'll do the rest.


Manage reviews through powerful admin dashboard

To make product reviews work in your favour, you need to show customers that you stand behind your products.

Active review monitoring, automatic translations for multiple countries, responding to negative reviews and highlighting positive reviews can all be managed from one place.

If a customer leaves a rating of 1 or 2 stars, you will be notified immediately and you can open a private discussion to help them solve their problem.


Decide which products to automatically request reviews for and when.


Learn more about your customers and products by putting analytics to work for you.


Verifying reviewer identity, assessing the existence of conflicts of interest, moderating content, and approving reviews.


Easy and fast integration

Due to its versatility, Rewora is very easy to integrate with any e-commerce software using one of the following methods.

Google Tag Manager

Get Rewora to work at its best without the need to modify your page code.

Integration through Google Tag Manager allows you to easy connect and share information between your store and Rewora. The advantage is control over when to run the tool, what to measure, and when to block it.


Custom Integration

Integrate with your custom e-commerce system by embeding our script.

Rewora works with any e-commerce solution. Our team will make integration a breeze.

FAQ background

Frequently asked questions

In this section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. The list of questions is constantly being updated. If you have not found the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us via email

    • What is Social Proof?

      The concept of social proof is that someone can be persuaded to try a product or service simply because they have seen a positive feedback or read a review by an expert related to the product.

      Social proof helps to put consumers' minds at ease and convince them that buying your product will solve their need.

    • Are online reviews really that important?

      Online reviews are important for consumers as they provide social proof and build trust in the brand.

      Products with five or more reviews are 270% more likely to sell than products without reviews.

      Nine out of ten online shoppers read reviews before buying.

      Studies have shown that customer reviews are more important than prices when making purchasing decisions because people trust them more than celebrity endorsements and traditional advertising methods, which translates into increased transaction volume.

      Reviews are an effective way to learn about the quality and features of your products.

    • Why should I be interested in reviews?

      Customer reviews have replaced word of mouth as the main driver of a business's reputation. Online reviews are readily available; as a result, they can have an incredible impact on your business.

      User-generated content is a treasure trove of information and a largely untapped source of context-rich customer feedback.

    • Why every eCommerce store should collect product reviews?

      Reviews are written by real customers with real hands, feet, ears, homes and families. Product specs are often written by talented marketers who have little or no experience with the product itself.

      Individual product reviews can have an amazing impact on the customer experience and your conversion rate.

    • What is the future of online product reviews?

      More and more people are relying heavily on online reviews to make purchasing decisions. This is especially true for products that are expensive or difficult to return if they do not meet the buyer's expectations.

      Different review platforms specialise and target specific types of products or buyers. Product reviews are likely to increasingly play a critical role in the e-commerce commerce environment.

    • Are there SEO benefits to product reviews?

      Definitely. When you allow search engines to index product review content, you help potential customers find your product pages and move up in organic search.

      Most customers use keywords in their reviews, such as the name of the product, which adds more content associated with you online.

      Ranking at the top of search engines is the goal of most e-commerce stores. However, building SEO-friendly online content can take a lot of time and energy. Customer reviews allow you to do this without lifting a finger.

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